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Welcome to the Cotswold Angling Superstore



 Opening Times: Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 5.00pm

Friday 8.30am to 6.00pm

Saturday 8.00am to 5.00pm

Sunday.....Sorry Gone Fishing!

Fishing is our passion and we just love catching fish. In the Cotswold Angling Superstore you will find something for every type and style of angling. Our carp section is we feel second to none.....You will find a comprehensive range of rods, reel, bivvies, bedchairs and bait from all the top manufacturers such as Fox, Nash, Korda, JRC, CC Moore, Mainline and many more.


 If your passion is match fishing then our pole alley is sure to get your pulse racing. We display poles at 13m+ and you can try them instore at 14.5m+. Couple this with a selection of over 90 feeder and float rods and you can start to understand that we believe in giving our customers a great selection to try. We hold stocks from Preston, Drennan, Guru, Matrix, Maver, Shakespeare, Daiwa and all the other top competition brands. Our lure and predator section is equally as impressive with a vast selection of both hard and soft baits for bass, pike, perch and any other predatory fish. You will find, Savagegear, Fox, Sebile, Abu, Snowbee, Rapala,and a lot more. A new addition to this area is a specialist Drop-Shot/LLF (Light lure Fishing display....here you will find all the specialist components to fish mini/micro softies.                                       

 We also do not forget the game angler and our fly selection is very comprehensive. If you are looking for flies that catch fish rather then the fisherman then look no further. Our range of fly lines and rods will cater for anglers chasing rainbows on large reservoir to those in pursuit of brook brownies.

Finally we also hold stocks for our sister company Fish XL. This company is pure Big Game so if catching extra-large tropical fish is your passion...we can feed it.... Within the pages of this site we offer the visitor information on fishing destinations around the UK, on rigging techniques, lure and bait choice and much more. Whilst shopping online can be great fun we also feel that there is nothing like touching, trying and choosing your next piece of equipment in person. With that in mind we would like to invite you to perhaps visit our superstore and see for yourself just how big our fishing passion is!


A fantastic Carp Section

Cotswold Carp is a store within a store.......Situated on our mezzanine floor we have an area where you can find the most popular makes of bivvy or brolly systems assembled for you to see their features and just how' big' or 'smal'l they are….Inside you will find a selection of the most comfortable bedchairs, sleeping bags and everything else that goes towards making your ‘short' or ‘lo...

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Cotswold Pole Alley

At Cotswold Angling we truly believe that you should have the chance to feel and see a pole before you make your decision to buy.

That is why we designed our own pole alley with eighteen 13m+ poles on permanent display. It is designed so that you can see just what you will get for any extra money that you spend in terms of rigidity and action...

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And a Fantastic Range of Bait!

The best tackle in the world is of no use whatsoever if what you put on the hook is not what the fish is looking for. With that in mind Cotswold Angling produce their own hand sorted casters from superb quality maggots. For the coarse or match angler we hold stocks of fresh - maggots, worms, casters and hemp. We boil our own hemp so you can be sure that it of the best quality and as fresh as ...

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